Kitchen remodel wrap up and other updates

We are in the final stretch of our kitchen remodel. Actually as I type this, I know I should instead pick up a paint brush. But a girl can only  paint so many boring white cabinet doors before her head explodes and her hand falls off.

So here I am.

In the one room that is completely finished. And I absolutely love it.


This picture was taken recently when Kathy was here to feature my jewelry in a Market Day commercial. I’m one of many local makers who are taking part in it and I can’t wait to see the final product when it’s all done.

And just a quick update on the rest of our…updates: our new floors are in and they are amazing. All the new door trim is up and painted. Our kitchen cabinets are also painted and ready for the new hardware. Almost all of the new baseboards are up and painted and they look great. Last weekend we painted our living room – so glad that’s done!


Our garage has been converted into a painting station and it’s so nice to know the cabinets are done.


Even Skya enjoys her usual spot more now with the newly added trim work around the island.

I’ve also kept busy making jewelry for my Etsy shop and to drop off at a couple local shops I sell to. I have lots more to post but so far I can’t get enough of seeing  these bright fun colors in my shop!


One more thing – I have a fun little adventure planned with the Des Moines Moms Blog – more on that soon. If you have little ones, check them out. These amazing ladies put on fun events and lots of giveaways.

Last weekend Zach and I made our big announcement and we are so excited for all our friends to finally know:


After going back and forth for days, we finally decided to not find out what we’re having. We’ve been told it’s the greatest surprise we’ll have a as adults and now we’re even more excited for my due date – September 20th.

Next up: baby registry.

Should be fun.

Till next time.




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