Week 21 Belly Bump update

Holy moly – we’re over halfway there!

I’m 21 weeks along and it seems like time is just flying by.


So glad the cold weather is over – kinda difficult to keep warm when my coat won’t button.

I’ve had a great surge in energy lately with the nicer weather we’ve been having, I can actually enjoy a walk after dinner or grilling on our deck.

Speaking of food, I have loved popsicles lately. Just can’t get enough of them. I’ve also been loving fresh fruit, tomatoes and french fries (of course!).

I have been trying to remember to take these pictures weekly, but lately I’m lucky if I can remember to put on my shoes before leaving the house. Turns out “pregnancy brain” is a real thing.

Here’s a quick recap of the last few weeks:

14 weeks

15 weeks

17 weeks

20 weeks

21 weeks

It’s crazy how much these pictures vary from week to week! Where’d the bump go in week 17?? It’s proving more difficult to take a flattering picture 🙂

The baby is now 11 inches long, about the size of a long banana, and has developed its own tastebuds.  Hard to believe this little thing spends 12 – 14 hours per day sleeping in my tummy.

I’ve even started to feel kicks and nudges in the last few days – love that feeling!


Even Skya snuck in a cuddle with the babe a couple of nights ago. She’s been by my side a lot lately. We wonder if she can hear the baby’s heartbeat.

I’ve been keeping busy with a few last minute house things and this little project:


Don’t you just love those colors? More details coming soon.

*~ Ina


One thought on “Week 21 Belly Bump update

  1. could you BE any cuter? always, but that baby bump looks so adorable on the one and only YOU! so excited for you and especially excited you can feel baby kick! BEST feeling in the world!

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