My Sister’s Baby Shower – Dallas recap part 1

A few short weekends ago my mom and I (and little Baby F) packed our bags and flew to Dallas, TX to visit my sister and be part of her baby shower. She’s due a month before me and it’s been so fun sharing stories, asking questions and comparing bellies with her.


I feel so lucky that I have this special time to share with my sister. And even though she’s miles away, it’s still comforting to know and understand what she’s going through.

Her and her husband are expecting a girl, so her shower was all pink! We prepared all of the food, desserts and drinks the day before and had a blast staying up late making the finishing touches.

The morning of the shower we hung decorations – including this super cute pink balloons Β in the front yard. An idea I “stole” for my own shower just last weekend. πŸ™‚


The mason jars were also dressed in pink and the food was delicious!




After lots of cute gifts, fun games and more cupcakes (I couldn’t have just one!), it was time for some photos.


And how cute are our dresses? Gotta love last minute consignment store shopping!

The whole weekend went by way too quickly and before we took off, we squeezed in some much needed shopping – I’ll post those finds in Part 2 of my Dallas recap.


What a blast it was!

So happy for my big sis! πŸ™‚

*~ Ina


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