The power of nice

Over the last month or so I’ve really come to understand the power of a kind word.

Something as simple as a nice email, a short text or a quick Facebook message has the power to turn someone’s day around. It has the power to make you look up, take a deep breath and not feel alone. I don’t think I will have the words to explain how powerful a gesture like that can be.

Kind words

source: heirloom papery

Especially on those days when you need it most.

It’s on those dark gloomy days that a short email in your Inbox is so powerful, it takes over and fills your whole day with hope.

It’s on those crummy days that seem to drag on, that a quick visit with a friend lifts your spirits so high, it reminds you just how amazing the people in your life are.

It’s on those days that you truly appreciate it.

Those are the gestures I try to remember daily.

And it makes me feel so grateful, I can hardly put it into words.


But it also made me realize something. I have that same power. The power of knowing that my words and my experiences can turn someone else’s day around.

Lately the sun has been shining on my little corner of the world brighter than ever before. I’m putting on my sunglasses and taking it all in! 🙂

*~ Ina


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